Military Manuals

We provide public domain Military Ebooks and Field Manuals on CD-ROMs and DVDs. These military ebooks, most of which are official material printed by the United States military and various other government organizations, are divided into six themed CD-ROMs and an "all in one" DVD.

Monster Military Field Manuals DVD:Military Reference DVD A brand new offering from This DVD contains ALL the military manuals and content found on this website.

Military Field Manuals CD: contains general US Army and USMC ebooks on numerous topics including basic military training, special operations, combat training, intelligence and logistics.

Weapons Manuals: the CD-ROM includes training and maintenance ebooks for various personal and military weapon systems ranging from pistols, shotguns, assault rifles and machine guns to missiles.

Military Engineering and Construction eBooks: are published by the Army Corps of Engineers and focus on numerous construction and civil engineering projects.

Tradesman Manuals: feature training, maintenance and operational ebooks focusing on automotive repair, machining, shop tools, electrician work, construction, plumbing, engineering and other trades.

Air Force Manuals: feature training, maintenance and operational ebooks covering the various training and operational aspects of American combat and military aircraft.

Survival CD: includes general survival tips and various ebooks on how to survive natural and man made calamities and disasters. Some of the topics include survival during wildfires, hurricanes, tsunamis, floods, winter storms, and terrorist incidents.

Firefighter and EMS training manauls: contains several training and information documents published by various government agencies on CD. These ebooks cover numerous first aid, first responder and firefighter training topics.

Self Defense Training Ebooks: focus on hand to hand combat and martial arts - the package is available for download after payment.

Military Fitness Ebooks: learn how to get in shape from the US Marines and US Navy SEALS - the package is available for download after payment.

Please note: All sales are final, there are no returns or refunds. The CDs/DVD are only shipped to the United States of America and Canada. They are compiled using open source material published by the US Military, various US government departments/agencies and other governments.